These photographs were taken over many years ~ Here is just a small selection of my photographs, they are not great pictures, just a small record of my many years bushwalking. (click on small print to see larger)

On Corang Monolith Valley Monolith Valley

Monolith Valley

Pigeon House from Corang

Coast Track Feral Deer near Era beach Era Beach
Above Deer Pool ~ Little Marley 1950's  Deer Pool ~ Little Marley
Above Deer Pool ~ Little Marley 1950's

from left Bob Lumb (dec) Brian (Baldy) McEvoy Max Smith Jeff Thompson (dec) Colin Wood

Many oldies would remember the camping at Little Marley and Dick Ellery's hut. Also Deer Pool. I spent many a weekend with mates from Earlwood. Knocked of work, train to Cronulla, last ferry to Bundeena and walk to Little Marley, Many times in the dark.
Waterfall into Deer Pool   Honorary Ranger  Dick Ellery his hut Little Marley  1950's

Figure of eight pool ~ Coast track

Grose from Burra Koran

Grose Valley near Mt Victoria

Grose Valley Grose valley

Lamington NP

Lamington NP

Belougary Spire ~ Warrumbungle NP Belougary Spire ~ Warrumbungle NP
The photographs were taken in the Warrumbungles the 60's when camping was allowed on Blackman's flat opposite Split Rock, also below
Bread Knife ~ Warrumbungle NP Blackman's Camp ~ from Split Rock, look closely and see old trams used for accommodation Bluff Mountain

Wollangambe Canyon

Wollangambe Canyon

Wollangambe Canyon